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30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence

On August 24, Ukrainians celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. On this day, the people of our country congratulate each other on the holiday to which Ukraine has been going for many years.

This is a day when every Ukrainian feels proud of his country. During the 30 years of independence, our country has experienced a lot – both good and bad, there have been ups and downs. But all this time we have been a single nation and remain so.

Let everyone in their place, with their daily work, make Ukraine better – from farmers to metallurgists, from sellers to bankers!

Let the love of close people warm our hearts, hope always lives in our souls, and let smiles blossom on our faces!

We cordially congratulate you on the Independence Day of Ukraine. All the great successes of our state consist of the successes of every caring Ukrainian – as many rivers and streams merge into one mighty Dnipro. On the occasion of the most important holiday in Ukraine, let us sincerely rely on the success of our joint actions and the continuation of active cooperation that unites us and strengthens our state.

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