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Rubber compounding ingredients

Ingredients in rubber compound is a large group of components, including curing agents, accelerators and vulcanization activators, antioxidants, plasticizers, fillers and special additives (blowing agents, dyes, etc.). The list of ingredients in phr (parts per hundred rubber) called rubber compound recipe. Most of the rubber products can also contain reinforcing materials – fibers, filaments, wires,…

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Environmental protection tips

1. Keep the packaging materials (plastic, polyethylene, polystyrene, etc. packages / bags) away from the children. 2. Recycling of used industrial rubber goods is according to the local regulations for waste disposal. 3. For information on the recycling of rubber goods please contact your local authorities and waste disposal office. 4. By ensuring the correct…

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Storage and transportation of rubber goods

1. Mechanical rubber goods are transporting by any type of transport in compliance with the transport rules established for this type of transport. 2. Mechanical rubber goods are storing indoors at a temperature range from 0 to 25 C and place under conditions excluding deformation and damage. 3. Mechanical rubber goods must be protected from…

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Operating recommendations for mechanical rubber goods

1. Installed items must be clean (no traces of dirt, dust, etc.) and have no mechanical damage. 2. Environments contacting with items in the operation of components and assemblies must comply with the recommended conditions for specific grades of rubbers specified in manual instruction of the machines. Other operating environments than specified in the table…

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Manufacturer’s warranty for mechanical rubber goods

1. Manufacturer guarantees conformity of mechanical rubber goods for regulatory requirements in accordance with which they were made, if the consumer observes installation instructions, operation, transportation and storage instructions specified in the manual of operating machines. 2. Guaranteed shelf life of mechanical rubber goods – 2 years from date of manufacture (parts of rubbers based…

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