Commissioning of new equipment

In the 4th quarter of 2016 – 1st quarter of 2017 the following main production equipment was commissioned at our enterprise:

1. Cylindrical grinding machine for grinding rubber bushings to produce rectangular rings. The introduction of this high-precision equipment has allowed not only to increase productivity, but also to reduce the amount of reject and improve the quality of the finished product. This is especially important in the production of products responsible for braking systems.

2. The machine for cutting rubber bushings into rectangular rings. This is the second machine from this series, which was developed and manufactured by our specialists (enterprise news from 12.02.2016)


3. Two modernized vulcanizing presses with a force of 160 tons were put into operation. New economical heating plates, three zone high-precision temperature control, microprocessor control of all systems, the ability to specify a complex algorithm of pre-presses and more.

4. Lathe with numerical control (CNC). The use of this machine has allowed us to increase our capacity for manufacturing new equipment and repairing molds.

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