in fast and convenient way

There are several options for making an order at our company:

Use our online store and get a 2% additional discount (for registered users)

  • Go to our website. Select the desired product, click Buy.
  • At any time you can go to the shopping cart and edit the amount or remove the unnecessary items.
  • To continue shopping, use the search bar or the desired section of the directory.
  • In the search bar, you can type any information you know about the product you are looking for – catalog number, name, commodity code of our plant, etc.
  • For convenience, at the end of the catalog, there is the All Products tab.
  • We would like to draw your attention to the fact that one-time registration allows you to significantly reduce the time of the purchase for next orders.
  • Do not forget to click Subscribe to our newsletter to be always aware of new promotions and products.
  • If you have done purchases before and do not have time for registration – ask your sales manager to register you in our online shop. In the future, you can change your password in one click.

Dial sales manager’s phone or multichannel sales department number

Tell the manager the product codes or the names of the IRG or repair kits you are interested in. Do not forget to provide your contact details for further communication. You can also inform the manager about a convenient time for you to receive an invoice. Usually, you will get an invoice within 30 minutes.

Send the order by e-mail or to the personal address of the sales manager

To simplify the procedure of making an order, download the price list from our website, mark the required items, specifying their number, and send the entire file to our email address.