Greetings on Machine Builder Day!

Every year on the fourth Sunday of September in Ukraine celebrating the Day of Machine Builder.

Dear workers and veterans of the machine-building industry in Ukraine!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on your professional holiday – the Day of Machine Builder! This is a celebration of all those who stood at the cradle of mechanical engineering of Ukraine and continues to develop it today.

There are a quite branched structure of the transport engineering industry in Ukraine, which includes companies for the production of locomotives, wagons, cars and trucks, vans, trolley-buses, as well as ships and aircrafts.

In general, the main components of the machine-building industry of Ukraine is the market products in industries such as transport and power engineering, automotive and mechanical engineering for the petrochemical and chemical, metallurgical and mining industry, machine tools.

On the Day of Machine Builder we thank to all employees and industry veterans for significant contribution to socio-economic development of Ukraine.

We wish you good health, happiness and new successes, stability and well-being!

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