Happy Driver’s Day!

In Ukraine, Driver’s Day is annually celebrated on the last Sunday of October. In 2018, this day falls on the 28th. This is considered an official holiday of all workers in the road transport industry – not just those who are driving.

Officially the Driver’s Day is celebrated since 1993. The holiday was established in order to show the importance of the work of the workers of motor transport and the road industry – how much they simplify our life and make it more convenient.

Of course, the main culprits of the holiday are professional drivers – drivers of buses, trams, trolley buses, trucks and the like. Also, Driver’s Day concerns people who serve vehicles and are engaged in their production – tire technicians, car mechanics, mechanics, automotive engineers and designers, managers and employees of transport enterprises.

It is not worth to shell out expensive perfumes, but useful things for the car and the driver themselves will fall to a point. So, what to give to the perpetrators of this holiday:

  • all kinds of organizers (phone holders, tables, etc.)
  • necessary trivia (rugs, screwdriver set, a vacuum cleaner for car, etc.);
  • covers on auto documents (you can choose with cool inscriptions like “I don’t drink”, “Woman behind the wheel”, etc.);
  • thermoses, car cups, and kettles that work from the cigarette lighter;
  • USB sticks, USB adapters, cigarette lighter splitter, etc .;
  • pillows and massagers for drivers;
  • souvenirs (car models, themed lighters, figurines).
  • DVRs

The team of the IRP plant “Kauchuk” congratulates you on Driver’s Day. Let your road be smooth and even, and on the way, let it always be green. Let the weather in the soul be always sunny. We wish that there was never a desire to stop, but the brakes always worked.

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