Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!

Here comes the main day for each Ukrainian patriot – Independence Day of Ukraine.

On this day, Ukrainians celebrate 25 years of independence of our country, the day is saturated with pride and patriotism. It was in 1991 whe Ukraine became independent and formed a new state.

The first Independence Day was marked July 16, 1991, as the memory of what the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted a “Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine” July 16, 1990. Ever since our country is free, and its citizens celebrate this wonderful holiday.

Congratulations on the national holiday – the Independence Day of Ukraine! Ever since independence was proclaimed, our country has gone through several stages of spiritual renewal, recreating patriotism, tradition and spirituality of our people. I wish that every year the holiday would add to all of us inspiration and confidence in our future. We wish you peace and harmony in your family, good health, happiness and prosperity.

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