Innovations in formulation of rubber compounds

Our plant manufactured and successful implementated the manufacturing of rubber compounds with improved properties. This was made possible thanks to long-range research in order to improve the technological processing and vulcanization process of rubber compounds based on synthetic NBR and EPDM caoutchoucs. There have been many experiments and other tests on the use of different ingredients from leading manufacturers. The result of this work is the rubber compounds that was prepared with the reduced minimum viscosity (ML), without deterioration of other properties.


ML 14 20.4 24 ОК
MH 90 108.6 120 ОК
ts1 50 66 75 ОК
ts50 70 97 100 ОК
ts90 100 123 140 ОК

<table style= ML 10 10.5 17 ОК MH 85 104.3 115 ОК ts1 45 61 70 ОК ts50 75 100 105 ОК ts90 100 126 150 ОК

 />Improved flowability increases productivity and quality of workpieces during processing in an extruder and preformer «Barwell», as well as decreasing the number of spoilage during vulcanization, especially complex and important items in the process of manufacturing them on injection-molding machines. With a minimum price increase of raw rubber compounds a significant economic effect was obtained.</p>
<p style=We offer to all interested companies the supplies of raw rubber compounds with improved consumer characteristics.

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