Launching of a new machining center

A new high-tech CNC machining center for the production of molds was launched at the tooling production site of the “KAUCHUK” rubber products plant. This machining center will enable us to take full advantage of continuous trajectory motion control, a high degree of automation and operational flexibility. Employees of our company have undergone specialized training to achieve maximum efficiency when working with this center.

Continuous development of new products challenges us to quickly design and manufacture molds for them to meet all the needs of our customers. The development strategy of the enterprise involves the expansion of the fleet of injection molding machines that will be used for the production of rubber products; therefore, this center will be used for the production of injection molds.

Injection molds are volumetric structures with cavities that determine the shape of the manufactured products. During injection molding, the heated rubber compound is pressurized into the mold cavity, when cooled, it solidifies, and then the mold is opened and the cast blanks are removed. For the manufacture of such molds, we use only high-quality steel, thus, our molds have a long service life, which saves money for us and our customers.

The accuracy of processing of this center allows making molds that will allow the production of rubber products with a minimum amount of rejected products. To work with this center, only high-quality tools from leading world manufacturers are used.

The main benefit for our customers will be the reduction in the time to master a new product. Therefore, if you have a project that involves the use of rubber products in any units or assemblies, we will gladly make you a calculation, taking into account the manufacture of tooling for your products.

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