New equipment for the production of rectangular cross-section rings

New equipment for the production of rectangular cross-section rings.

New machine for cutting rubber bushings on the rectangular rings was designed, installed and put into operation by specialists of our MRG plant “Kauchuk”. Also new software was developed for industrial controller which performs control of the machine.

Through the use of original design solutions we resolved a number of issues:

– Increased productivity;

– Improved cut quality through the use of hydraulic speed regulator;

– Excluded physical activities of workers through the use of pneumatic cylinders for installation bushings on the mandrel in an automatic mode;

– Possibility to independently cut rings of two sizes, since the machine has four independent single spindle drive and one steping carriage to each pair of spindles.

Using of the industrial controller that is included into a single information network of the enterprise allows to obtain indicators of performance of this equipment and the credentials of the number of manufactured goods in on-line mode.

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