how industrial rubber products will be packed

After passing quality control, small products on the filling line are packed in sealed bags. All products are accompanied by a tag of the quality control department indicating the technical characteristics of the products and the signature of the controlling person.

Repair kits are pre-packed in thermo-vacuum packaging and have a branded tag with information about the kit’s composition.

PJSC “KAUCHUK” is using polypropylene bags for the shipment of industrial rubber products. At the request of the customer, it is possible to purchase boxes and other types of packaging, the cost of which will be included in the cost of the order.

Each shipping place is marked according to plant specifications. If you need additional marking, please inform the manager who assists the order with the necessary information.

A label with the name and trademark of the manufacturer is attached to each place:

  • conventional designation of products;
  • batch number;
  • number of units in the package;
  • date of packing.

You can write your packing and shipping requirements during checkout in our online store in the comments section or just tell it to the manager during a phone order.


of industrial rubber products

The products can be transported by any mode of transport in compliance with the rules of transportation established for this mode of transport.


of industrial rubber products

Industrial rubber products can be stored indoors at a temperature in the range from 0 to 25°C in conditions that exclude deformation and damage.

Industrial rubber products must be protected from direct sunlight and heat rays, and be at a distance of at least 1 m from the heaters.

Industrial rubber products must be protected from oil, gasoline, kerosene and other substances that destroying rubber, fabric and reinforcement metal.

It is allowed to store products under a canopy and in unheated warehouses at temperatures from -50 to 50°С, including storage at temperatures from 26 to 50°С for not more than 60 days, within the warranty period of storage. It is forbidden to expose them to any deformation.

After storage at a temperature below zero, the products must be conditioned at a temperature of (20 ± 5) °C for at least 24 hours or at a temperature of (50 ± 2) °C for at least 2 hours before installation.

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