Sieve Cleaning Rubber Balls

The increased market demand for sieving with increasingly granulometric values has created many problems for sieve manufacturers. In particular, the clogging of a grid of planar screens has created a demand for mechanisms for their cleaning. Cleaning with rubber balls is an effective method of cleaning the sieve, because, bouncing on the stand under the sieve, they come in contact with the sieve from below and expel particles stuck in the holes. This process facilitates the passage of grain between these spaces, increasing the amount of purified grain produced.

Sieve cleaners, despite their small size, are one of the components of the successful operation of grain cleaning equipment.

So, for example, the efficiency of grain cleaning in separators depends on a large number of factors, including the sieve cleaning system. During the maintenance of the separators, the condition of the sieve frames and rubber balls is checked. Damaged sieve frames and worn-out balls are replaced with new ones.

For normal sieving work, systematic intensive cleaning of the sieves from stuck particles in their holes is mandatory. In a poorly cleaned sieve, the living section significantly decreases, and therefore the amount of sifting product is sharply reduced.

Therefore, it is very important to use pellets for cleaning sieves with optimized properties, such as rebound, antistatic and anti-corrosion properties, wear resistance, load and temperature resistance.

Currently, this sizes of sieve cleaning rubber balls  has been mastered:

The plans of our company are the production of other popular sizes of sieve cleaning rubber balls on the market. Also, we are ready to produce balls for individual orders.

Rubber balls for cleaning sieves can be used for various machines:
  • separators BIS and BLS (separators А1-BLS-12, А1-BLS-16, А1-BIS-100, А1-BLS-100, А1-BIS-150, А1-BLS-150, Р1-BIS-200 manufacturer PJSC Melinvest city of Nizhny Novgorod)
  • grain separators BSH (separators BSH-100, BSH-200, BSH-300 manufacturer PJSC Khorolsky mechanical plant Khorol Ukraine)
  • grain separators of SVU (separators SVT-40M and SVU-60 manufactured by Voronezhselmash LLC, Voronezh)
  • machines for primary grain cleaning MZS (MZS-5, MZS-10, MZS-25 manufacturer ZAO Technica-Service Voronezh)
  • grain-cleaning aspiration-calibration machines MAK-10 (manufacturer PAO Tvertselmash Tver)
  • pretreatment machines with a screen cleaner (grating attachment) MPR-50C (manufactured by JSC “Zernoochistka”, Voronezh)
  • machines grain cleaning air-grating MVR-4 (MVU-1500) (manufacturer OJSC “Zernoochistka”, Voronezh)
  • preliminary cleaning machine MBR-7 (MPU-70) (manufacturer of PJSC “Zernoochistka”, Voronezh)
  • sieve cleaners (sieves) MVR-8 (RP-50K) (manufacturer of PJSC Zernoochistka, Voronezh)
  • separators of a heap of preliminary clearing SVP-70 (Open Company “the Grain BY Clearing” Mogilev Belarus)
  • universal stationary separators for grain cleaning US-40S and US-25C (LLC “Zerno BY Cleaning” Mogilev Belarus)
  • potentially suitable for DENIS separator cleaners (NSD 1, NSD 2, NSD 3)
  • universal aspirators, sorting machines and cleaning machines for seed of the TAS series (TAS 152A-2, TAS 154A-4, TAS204A-4, TAS 206A-2, TAS 210A-1, TAS 200A-III, Seed Selektor manufacturer Schmidt -Zoeger “Schmidt-Seeger” Germany)
  • universal screen separators SMA 05, SMA 10, SMA 20, SMA 203-3, SMA 206-6 (manufactured by Schmidt-Seeger Schmidt-Seeger Germany)
  • cleaning machines for small seeds (separator camouflage type KUTM 100 / 300-2S, cleaner for small seeds type KUTR 800/1800 manufacturer JK Machinery Czech Republic)
  • separators for grain cleaning GERB.RUBERG (Germany)
  • The Delta and Delta series super cleaning machines (manufactured by CIMBRIA, Denmark)
  • separators grain cleaning INTECH K150 (Voronezh, Russia)
  • Pre-treatment machines for grain WESTRUP SI 50 and WESTRUP SI 70 (manufactured by WESTRUP A / S, Denmark)
  • other grain cleaning machines


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