Rubber compounds are a mixture of the main polymer (s), fillers and other chemicals that form a finished rubber material. More precisely, the term “rubber compound” refers to a specific mixture of ingredients adapted to the specific characteristics necessary to optimize performance under specific conditions. The basis for the complex development of the formulation of the rubber compound is the choice of the type of polymer.

In addition to the elastomer, reinforcing agents such as carbon black, color pigments, curing agents, activators, plasticizers, accelerators, antioxidants or antiradiation additives are added to the rubber compound. There are hundreds of such combinations.

A brief list of the types of rubber compounds produced by PJSC “KAUCHUK” and their purpose:

  • oil-resistant rubber compounds, application field – manufacture of molded and reinforced industrial rubber products;
  • amortization compounds, application field – manufacture of rubber products, shock absorbers, brake pipes;
  • rubber compounds with increased atmospheric and ozone-resistance application field – manufacture of industrial rubber products;
  • compounds for gumming of chemical equipment, application field – shaft lining;
  • compounds for general technical purposes, application field – production of industrial rubber goods, footwear, tires;
  • repairing rubber, thickness 1.5 – 2 mm (rolls) for gluing of inner tubes;
  • compounds for manufacture of high-pressure hoses;
  • rubber compounds with high wear-resistant characteristics;
  • rubber compounds by individual customer requirements, development of new recipes.


rubber compounds
New line

High-tech production with the newest mixing line with a high degree of automation.

High performance

The physicomechanical characteristics of our compounds exceed the requirements of normative technical standards for quality.


100% automatic control of the rheological characteristics of rubber compound in each batch with the provision of test results in a clear graphical and tabular form.

Production culture

Application of a high-quality separation emulsion (Germany) as a release agent prevents compounds from sticking together and improves the production culture.

Individual approach

Individual work with customers, consulting and development of the original composition of rubber compounds with the necessary requirements.


Monthly work is carried out to develop new recipes of rubber compounds.

More than 20 years of experience

Real practical experience in the use of several thousand components, innovative materials of world leaders in this field.

Delivery type

Delivery in the form of sheets and tapes of various thickness and cutting according to the customer’s request (width, length), automatic marking.


tons of rubber compounds per month

Our technologists have a great work experience with rubber and can confidently select the rubber compound that best suits your application. According to the customer's request, a passport of the rubber compound and recommendations for storage are provided. That is why many companies contact us for expert advice regarding the selection of the right brand of rubber compound.


We believe that manufacturing of rubber compounds combines both science and art because the base polymer is very flexible.