for transportation

  • The sheets of rolled rubber compounds are treated with sifted talc or paved with a polyethylene film and put into fabric bags or other containers, eliminating contamination. It is allowed in agreement with the consumer to supply rubber compounds without packaging in conditions that exclude their contamination.
  • When packing rubber compounds of different groups into one container, separate packing of each group is necessary.


of rubber compounds

  • Rubber compounds are transported in packaged form by any mode of transport in compliance with the rules of transportation established for this mode of transport.
  • It is allowed to transport rubber compounds without packaging in specially equipped motor vehicles, railway containers and wagons under conditions that exclude contamination.


of rubber compounds

  • Rubber compounds should be stored indoors at temperatures from -5 ºС to 25 ºС on racks or pallets.
  • For compounds with a warranty shelf life of 4 months or more, it is allowed an increase in temperature to 30 °C for 60 days and up to a temperature of 35 °C for 10 days, in total for the entire period of storage of rubber compounds.
  • During storage, rubber compounds should be protected from direct sunlight and, at least 1 m away from heat-emitting devices.
  • Rubber compounds during storage must be protected from oil, gasoline, kerosene, etc. destroying rubber compounds, as well as from acids, alkalis and gases harmful to rubber compounds.
  • The manufacturer guarantees that the rubber compounds meet the requirements of standards only if the above rules are observed.

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