Reconstruction of warehouse

The process of reorganization of warehouse complex was finished our plant. Our renewed warehouses are provided with technical and design solutions that enable to faster processing and delivery of products by simplifying application of the Fi-Fo system, improving working conditions of workers aso the warehouse can store more finished products that necessary for our customers. Using of modern warehouse equipment – electric stackers, makes it possible to use the entire amount of useful storage space, reduces the physical burden on the employees, allows you to conveniently and quickly load vehicles for shipment of finished products.


Now we are using shelf-rack way of storing, which is the best way meets the requirements of storing such a diverse shapes and sizes of industrial rubber goods. The best way defined shelving location for products and passageways between them, purchased and equipped modern shelving systems, sorters and organized work sites in compliance with all ergometric requirements.



A set of measures was adopted in renovated warehouses aimed at creating the best conditions for employees, as well as improving energy efficiency of the warehouse complex – wall insulation, replacement of windows, using of LED lighting, motion and light sensors.





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