Representatives of the KAUCHUK plant at the K 2019 exhibition in Dusseldorf


K 2019, the world’s leading exhibition of the plastic and rubber industry, this year gathered 3,330 exhibitors from 63 countries and 224,116 visitors from 168 countries.

In the main sections of the exhibition, raw materials and auxiliary materials for the production of rubber and plastic, semi-finished products, technical elements, high-strength plastic products, machinery and equipment for the production of rubber and plastic, various related services were presented.

K – international specialized exhibition of plastic and rubber production technologies. Participants and visitors of K 2019 were presented the latest developments and achievements in this area of ​​the chemical industry. The exhibition attracts the attention of not only specialists employed in the chemical industry, but also the end users of their products. Therefore, K attracts the attention of sales representatives, intermediaries, distributors and manufacturers from various fields: the automotive industry, packaging, electronics, construction, medicine and many, many others.

K has been held since 1952, once every 3 years. Exhibition K today rightfully has the status of the largest industry exhibition in its segment. The popularity of K is explained quite simply: plastic and rubber are in great demand and are gradually crowding out other polymers, since they allow realizing new opportunities in a wide variety of promising areas, in particular, high-tech, aviation, and space technologies. Often, the use of plastic and rubber in these areas helps manufacturers increase the functionality and viability of products, as well as reduce the cost of their production. Therefore, experts in many industrial areas are closely monitoring new technologies and innovations in this industry.

In rubber compounds production at the KAUCHUK plant, we use only high-quality ingredients, both of European origin and of other countries. The constant process of developing new formulations of rubber compounds and the continuous improvement of the production process did not allow us to miss such a major event in this area.

Our company constantly keeps abreast of global technological innovations in its industry and introduces advanced developments in its production. Representatives of our factory visited the K 2019 exhibition in Dusseldorf to keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations of all our partners and suppliers in the field of ingredients and equipment that allow us to maintain the consistently high quality of our products.

Representatives of the KAUCHUK plant at the exhibition were interested in the latest materials, technologies and equipment in the field of rubber compounds production, their manufacturers and suppliers. They held a number of business meetings, negotiations, attended several presentations, and inspected many samples.

According to company management, such exhibitions are an inexhaustible source of new ideas. Therefore, the delegation of the KAUCHUK plant returned home with the necessary information to solve and implement all the technical tasks for the coming year.

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