Rubber products from the “KAUCHUK” plant now sound

The expansion to the markets, as well as the search for new areas of application for our products, is one of the priorities for the development of our company, in accordance with the developed strategy of the enterprise.

Just recently, we sent the first batch of products to our partner in Denmark, which is engaged in the production of acoustic systems. Now our products will be used in the production of premium acoustic systems.

Representatives of the USAID Program “Economic Resilience of Eastern Ukraine” helped us establish cooperation with Danish manufacturers. Several months passed from the first online meeting to the first delivery. During this time, we received a technical task, developed a special rubber compound that meets the needs of the customer, made the first samples, and then an experimental and industrial batch of products.

You can read the full news, as well as comments from the president of our plant, on the USAID Project website (available in Ukrainian).

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