for industrial enterprises

Specialists of the Industrial Rubber Products Plant “KAUCHUK” take care of their time and appreciate yours. Therefore, we are ready to develop and implement a set of measures to solve the task set for us with obtaining the most effective results.

If you have a goal related to the scope of our plant, you can contact our sales managers or submit a request directly to the specialists of our company. Each of your requests will be reviewed according to the established procedure and you will get an answer within 3 working days maximum.

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of rubber compounds

PJSC “Kauchuk” has a very large base of recipes of rubber compounds. Therefore, if you do not have information about the type of rubber that you need, but there is information about the conditions in which this rubber should work, our specialists will select the type of rubber for you.



Specialists of the design department of PJSC “KAUCHUK” are ready to develop, design, and provide all design documentation for the product of any complexity that interests you.