Custom molded rubber parts for the automotive industry is one of the main directions of our company.


for custom molded rubber product manufacturing

Industrial Rubber Products Plant “KAUCHUK” specializes in the manufacture of custom molded rubber parts for the automotive industry. Our technology and highly qualified specialists make it possible to master and manufacture any custom molded rubber products. We are ready to launch mass production of molded rubber parts that you need for your enterprise or production. We work with the advanced enterprises of the machine-building complex of Ukraine: CJSC ZAZ, CJSC Vzlet, OJSC Hydrosila, PAAZ, ZAO Avtoagregat, OJSC MZTG, ZAO ATEK.

Industrial Rubber Products Plant “KAUCHUK” is interested in expanding the business relations with the enterprises of Europe, which is aimed at the production and integration of quality components and units. If you are interested in working with a reliable supplier who guarantees the quality of industrial rubber products – we are always ready to discuss your requirements. To achieve good results and satisfaction from the work done by both parties, it is necessary to go through several stages.


aimed to achieve the best results

I. Manufacturing request for the product.

Specialists of your enterprise should make a request to the director of JSC “KAUCHUK” about the possibility of manufacturing the batch of products you are interested in. This request should specify the time of manufacture and the planned volumes. The application must be accompanied by a full design package or a sketch of a product with it’s technical characteristics. Based on this request, a Customer Representative is assigned, which will not only carry the function of a link between you and the specialists of PJSC “KAUCHUK” but will also will plan, monitor and carry out all further work until a final satisfactory result is obtained.

II. Preliminary assessment of the manufacturing request

We consider all the information received about the custom molded rubber product and specify missing data. After a preliminary assessment of the feasibility of launching a new project, our specialists give their preliminary conclusions about the feasibility of manufacturing.

III. Coordination of preliminary evaluation results with the Customer.

The Customer Representative (assigned special for you on the previous stage) informs a Customer about preliminary opinion on the incoming request for approval or further detailing.

IV. Signing of the Contract.

When a solution that satisfies both sides is found , the Customer’s Representative will send you the draft Contract for approval and signing.

V. Design, approval of design documentation.
VI. Manufacturing and evaluating samples of new products.
VII. Production, approval of the experimental batch.
VIII. Launch of mass production.

Here is a brief description of the custom molded rubber parts manufacturing process. In reality, this process requires precise detailing and a lot of time. But we have considerable experience with the mass production of custom molded rubber products and we are ready to perform new tasks at the high level set by our customers.

custom molded rubber products