mold mould

The mold is a complex device for manufacturing products of various configurations from metals, plastics, rubber and other materials under the influence of pressure created on injection or compression molding machines.

Molds are used for injection or compression molding of metals and polymeric materials, casting on melted models, pressing polymeric materials.

There are many types of molds:
  • manual, semi-automatic and automatic
  • removable, semi-removable and stationary
  • with horizontal and vertical planes of the joint
  • with one or more joint planes.

The mold consists of a fixed part (matrix) and a movable part (punch), the molding cavities of which are the inverse (negative) imprint of the outer surface of the workpiece. In one mold, several parts (multi-shaped molds) can be simultaneously molded. The material is fed to the mold cavity through the gate system: central, dilution and inlet gates, and the removal of the finished product by means of an ejection system. Depending on the material and requirements for the resulting blank in the mold, a certain temperature balance is maintained. To regulate the temperature of the mold, water is mainly used, passing it through cooling channels.

molds production

Molds are an integral part of the cost of the final product. The quality of the tooling will depend on the overhead costs for its maintenance, the quality of the product and the amount of flue. The process of molds production is very laborious, multi-stage and expensive.

Our company can guarantee a professional approach to the design and molds production and the high efficiency of their further use. At your request, we are ready to perform its subsequent maintenance and scheduled maintenance.


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