Mothers day card

Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation

Today and tomorrow, we proudly honor the older generation who had to go through the deadly fire of World War II. We are justly proud of the victorious contribution of our ancestors to the common victory over Nazism of the Anti-Hitler coalition.

The human dimension of the price of victory is the millions of lives of our fellow countrymen who did not return from the fronts, concentration camps, hard labor, who were shot and tortured, who died prematurely from wounds, hunger and repression in the post-war years.

Eternal and blessed memory of the fallen.

Bow to the ground and heartfelt gratitude to all veterans of the older generation for the feat for the sake of a free and happy life for their descendants.

We remember what a terrible tragedy for the Ukrainians was the Second World War. We remember that the united nations stopped the aggressor by joint efforts. We remember that the one who defends his land always wins. This memory makes us stronger. It is the guarantee of the inevitability of our victory today.

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