Transportation and storage of industrial rubber goods


  1. Mechanicla rubber goods are transporting by any type of transport in compliance with the transport rules established for this type of transport.

  2. Mechanicla rubber goods are storing indoors at a temperature range from 0 to 25 C and place under conditions excluding deformation and damage.

  3. Mechanicla rubber goods must be protected from direct sun and heat rays and be at least 1 meter away from heaters.

  4. Mechanicla rubber goods must be protected from oil, gasoline, kerosene and other substances that deplete the rubber, fabric and metal fittings.

  5. Mechanicla rubber goods can be stored under a roof and in unheated warehouses at a temperature of -50 to 50 C, including storage at a temperature of 26 to 50 C for a maximum of 60 days within the warranty period of storage. Do not expose it to any deformation.

  6. After storage at sub-zero temperature mechanicla rubber goods prior to assembly must be conditioned at (20 ± 5) C for at least 24 hours or at a temperature (50 ± 2) 0 C for at least 2 hours.

  7. The manufacturer recommends for installing industrial rubber goods in components and assemblies apply to specialized service centers and qualified service personnel.

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